Unexpected Mystery Snail Babies

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Unexpected Mystery Snail Babies

Postby Akeath on Sat Feb 01, 2020 10:02 pm

I was on vacation away from my 40 gallon breeder tank for quite awhile. During that time, I lost my two adult snails but many little babies were born of various ages. Their mother had a yellow shell and a white body. The father actually had a shell that was like frosted glass - whitish but also see through. His body was navy blue and shown through his shell, so he appeared to have a robin blue shell and a navy blue body. Some of the babies look just like Dad, but with a more evenly distributed blue color. These are very pretty. Then there are some that are sort of golden-brown, but not the bright yellow of the mother. I'm wondering if the brownish ones will get any brighter with age. What should I do with all of these extra snails? I don't think there's room in the tank to keep all of them, although I'm hoping to keep some. It has occurred to me to find a way to humanely cull some, but I am such a sucker for Mystery Snails, and I think they are all so cute. There's just so many...
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Re: Unexpected Mystery Snail Babies

Postby pbgroupie on Wed Feb 05, 2020 1:02 pm

I'm sorry for the loss of your adults. The most "humane" way of getting ready of unwanted snails is before they are born. Unfortunately, that doesn't help you at the moment. Depending on how many other tank inhabitants you have, each adult snail should have about two gallons of water each. You'll have to do the math to decide how many to keep.

Give the babies away, take them to a local fish store(Mom and Pop shops are best and you should get store credit), and if you still have snails you don't want, you'll have to put them down (covered elsewhere).

Sounds like mom was a gold apple snail and dad was a blue. Since the colors are laid down in layers it will take a few months for the babies true colors when they are mixed. Unless they have a pale foot and a yellow shell at birth, they will not be as bright as their mom.
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